Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mercedes Dzindzeleta calls for care in erasing city documents related to former mayor

Mercedes Dzindzeleta, alderperson candidate for the City Council’s First District seat, cautions about the wholesale removal of the mention of former mayor Gary Becker in the city’s Web site and other locations.

“It is good that he has resigned his office,” says Dzindzeleta. “He will have to atone for bad judgment and behavior offensive to the human community. He will have his day in court, and I hope that he seeks the psychological help that appears to be needed.”

However, Dzindzeleta also cautions the wholesale removal of the mention of Becker in the city’s Web site and other locations for two reasons. Records of the mayor’s work within the community should be preserved so that current and future leaders can be address city issues properly and with perspective, she says. Secondly, voters and others in community positions should have such information available as well.

“My great concern is the pushing aside and suppressing the past activities, actions and words of Mr. Becker – the community projects that he supported, the government actions he took and the speeches that he gave.

“Documents relating to city business must be preserved. I call for the calm recognition of the problems that Mr. Becker has caused for the city as well as the importance of keeping comprehensive government records.

“They are part of our political history and need to be maintained for the future community leaders. Much of what he did for the city as mayor is considered good by many good people in Racine. Mayor Becker brought us recognition throughout the Midwest – and indeed the world – for more than his human faults.”

Dzindzeleta especially believes that the documents of Becker’s budget address and the state of the city should be returned to the city’s Web site as soon as possible. “These are documents that discuss city concerns and problems that are of importance to the voters, especially in the next election” she says.

Recognizing that many people are uncomfortable with the sex-related charges placed on Becker, she maintains, “It is important to be looking for the truth, no matter how much it hurts.”

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