Sunday, February 8, 2009

Expanded answers for The Journal Times' Stephanie Brien

What do you consider the three biggest issues facing Racine?

Preserving a high level of community services — firefighting and police protection, plus neighborhood centers for young and older — while using taxpayers’ money wisely. We also must recognize that city taxes and fees, which have been rising, are difficult for many residents to pay because of these economic times. We need to face this challenge with creativity, thoughtfulness and new ideas.

The proposed Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee rail will create jobs, opportunity and a thriving economy, support our neighborhoods and promote energy conservation. Cities and communities with good mass transit are successful because people of all income levels can get to jobs easily and don't have to worry about extra costs relating to commuting -- like gas, car maintenance and parking. The rail also increases tourism and attracts new residents who want such services.

Pedestrian and street safety helps residents and visitors feel comfortable when shopping, walking, dining, bicycling and driving in the area. People notice more of the shops, theatres and attractions downtown when traffic pauses, and more people want to live and visit downtown. All of this keeps downtown neighborhoods vibrant, healthy and safe. Tourism and residents increase our tax base.

Can you elaborate on your first priority?

My first priority is winning the election to fully represent the residents of the First District. When I took the recent City of Racine’s comprehensive plan survey, it became clear to me that some of the issues relating to the First District are caused by the split of the district. At Eighth Street, the First District is split between the Downtown Racine Plan and the Southside Plan; this division in plans needs to be corrected and blended for the First District to be fully recognized and served by the City.

What experience makes you qualified for the job?
  • Attended more than 250 City Council meetings through the years, frequently offering public comment.
  • Long-time resident of Racine and the First District.
  • Held operator license from State of Wisconsin for Water and Waste Water Treatment for 14 years.
  • Extensive experience with government regulations, recycling, education and community organizations.
  • Attended Wellstone Camp in Milwaukee for community leaders. For more information, see Wellstone Action.

Why do you think you are the best candidate?

I 've lived in Racine for 48 years, 25 of those years in the First District. I make a point to patronize as many businesses in Racine as I can -- restaurants, coffee shops, theatres, professional services and stores -- and I talk to as many people as I can. I love downtown Racine and want to see it thrive and grow. My resume shows that I'm familiar with many of the issues of concern in our city. Our neighborhood needs an active voice to speak up for ALL of the residents who live here and the people who work here.

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