Friday, February 6, 2009

Letter to editor promotes Dzindzeleta

We appreciate the letter to the editor from a Racine resident, printed in today's edition of The Racine Journal Times. In case you didn't read it yet, here it is:
In 1st District, vote Dzindzeleta
Voters can’t be blamed if they feel that good news and bad news are flying all round them, and deciding where to put their trust is not easy.In the 1st District, a new candidate for alderperson has come forward who will put the needs of the voters ahead of any other concerns.
Her name is Mercedes Dzindzeleta, and as a person who lives and owns a business downtown, she has intimate knowledge of what will work, both for her neighborhood and for the City. Dzindzeleta has made pedestrian safety, historical preservation, environmental awareness and the vitality of our small businesses a centerpiece of her campaign. But she also sees the big picture: she not only favors KRM, but can tell you why it works for all of us. She is also interested in getting feedback from the people who will be benefiting or frustrated by City Council decisions.
Check out her blog at and you will find her background, information on the true cost of commuting, and access to a user-friendly survey on land use and development decisions for Racine.
And after checking it out, I’m betting that she gets the vote of everyone in the 1st District.
Pat Kardas, Racine

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