Sunday, February 15, 2009

"...will provide fine leadership..."

Another letter to the editor in today's Racine Journal Times in support of Mercedes. We appreciate the support. Find letter online or keep reading:
Vote for Dzindzeleta
We would like to suggest Mercedes Dzindzeleta for Racine City Council. A long-time resident and business person in Downtown Racine, she will be an energetic and productive member of the City Council.
Her desire to improve pedestrian access and safety, by itself, is a quest of great importance to the city and our attempts to recreate the tightly-knit community of past years — a community dependent on close proximity of goods, services, and residences that will be ever more appropriate to an age of wise use of petroleum transportation. The elements for such a community are coming together again; Dzindzeleta will provide fine leadership as progress is made.
Robert Venn, Racine

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